Dr. David Hume MBE is an author, broadcaster, columnist and community activist with over 30 years’ experience in community development and facilitation. He has attracted grants which have helped transform his local community and has been involved in many aspects of community development in relation to community groups and council sponsored committees.


Recent consultancy work has included training tour guides in historical presentation and delivery in County Down, and ongoing work with a new extensive heritage floor of Limavady Orange Heritage Centre, County Londonderry.


He has been involved in both applying for grants and also assessing grants as a member of a Peace Partnership Board and a Ministerial Advisory Group with a grant scheme.


He is available to assist community and other groups with the following;


  • Development Plans to assist your community or group identify its priorities for several years ahead
  • Business plans to progress community development and assist with grant applications or general development
  • Grant applications, including completion of application forms, advice on project promotion and advice on suitable funding bodies to apply to
  • Providing workshops on community development, media training, group structures, project development, and approaching funders
  • Assistance with specific projects within the community or which a group wishes to organise





Dr. Hume was senior staff officer involved with the development of the Museum of Orange Heritage in Belfast and Loughgall, and was involved in all aspects of the project, from successful application for a £3.6 million project through delivery of two impressive museums.


He has devised and delivered an Ulster Scots taster session for what was formerly the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, the Ulster Scots Agency and the Ulster Scots Community Network. This involved a one-hour presentation and discussion on aspects of Ulster Scots at 14 venues across Northern Ireland. A workbook was also devised for the Wee Taste o’ Ulster Scots sessions. The selection for delivery of these sessions was through competitive tender.


He also provided a detailed consultation report for the former Larne Borough Council on developing the Ulster-American heritage of the area. This included detailed historical research, a contemporary overview and suggestions for development in the area.


Dr. Hume is engaged with Limavady District Loyal Orange Lodge to develop Limavady Orange Museum in their new Orange Hall, detailing the history of Orangeism as well as the history of Limavady and its environs. This involves historical research, interpretation text, engaging with film makers, development of museum cases and artefact display, establishment of scripts for tour guides, and provision of outreach programme ideas and development. The project is ongoing at the present.

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