Dr. Hume has been involved in a number of different types of facilitation in the past. This has included working with grass-roots community issues such as bonfires, dealing with the past and other issues. Some of this work is, of necessity, low profile and cannot therefore be detailed here.


However, David Hume brings negotiation and facilitation skills which ensure that everyone involved in a facilitation is treated with respect and their voice is heard and their views discussed.


Facilitation could involve community issues within a wider community or within a group, and it is also not always contentious.



Case Studies


In the past Dr. Hume has been involved in facilitation discussions over community murals and over traditional July bonfires.


But not all facilitation is contentious. He has acted as facilitator for Decorum NI in Bangor, County Down, who wanted to develop a programme which would engage the group (which is comprised of former members of the security forces) with young people, schools and youth clubs in their area. This was focused on a discussion evening with young people and representatives of the group. This involved a panel of four speakers, which included the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, a senior Republic of Ireland government official from the Joint British-Irish Secretariat, an official from the Orange Order and a school principal from the nationalist community. The event was highly successful.




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