Media Training


Having 15 years experience as a journalist, Dr. David Hume, brings a strong understanding of the modern media in Northern Ireland and its needs. If you want to obtain a high and positive media profile, he provides a unique combination as someone who worked in the media but also is involved in trying to promote community activity. In his previous role as Director of Services for the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, he often had to appear on television and radio to answer queries about difficult cultural and political issues. He is, therefore an all-rounder, and his advice on media training offers considerable insight and practical advice.


David Hume began writing for the media when he was a secondary school pupil and he provided village reports and historical articles for local newspapers. He obtained a staff position as a journalist with the Morton Newspaper group in 1988 and continued to follow a media career for 15 years, after which he continued to be involved with media.


He has been editor of a monthly newspaper as well as contributing hundreds of newspaper articles over the years. He has also edited two other magazines and two historical journals. He writes an occasional history series for Johnston Press Newspapers in Northern Ireland.



Case Studies


Dr. Hume has extensive experience in obtaining media coverage through press releases for community activity and his own community group. He has also acted as a spokesman for his community group and also for other groups over many years.


His media training course has been utilised by local councillors in Northern Ireland and details issues such as the journalist’s code of conduct and what to expect from the media, what makes news, how to deliver your message, what motivates the media, writing press releases that will capture the attention, developing unique selling points for your message, building good relations with the media and top tips to increase media coverage.



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