Product Development


Dr. David Hume had charge of a £50,000 product development budget for a previous employer in the past and originated ideas for a number of products and accessed suppliers for product lines including t-shirts, sweatshirts, medals and badges, replica museum products, notebooks, mugs, and other items.


If your group or business is interested in some brand new products for sale or promotional giveaways, speak to him! He has ideas and also contacts which can help boost sales for one-off products or give your group a new revenue opportunity…


Product development in Ballycarry…

I was asked to come up with designs for tourist products in Ballycarry and to date have marketed two successful mug designs and a townland names sign. Working on other ideas at the present time for postcards, notebooks and other items.


A calendar for the Gobbins Cliff tourist attraction

I edited and compiled a full colour calendar for the Gobbins Cliff Path tourist visitor centre, featuring fantastic photographs of this outstanding coastal attraction, a popular souvenir for many of the thousands of visitors who discovered this hidden gem on the Antrim coast.


Product development for the Museum of Orange Heritage

During my oversight of the Museum of Orange Heritage I developed product ranges for mugs, China beakers, notebooks, calendars, pens, t-shirts and numerous other items. I also identified quirky product ideas such as the t-shirt with place names of Northern Ireland locations across the world (Northern Ireland on Tour) and the Karl Marx Orange Tee (Walkers of the World Unite). My most profitable product development was limited edition commemorative medals.



Case Studies


Dr. Hume was in charge of shop product development for the Museum of Orange Heritage and devised a range of items, from low cost to higher end products. Working with an excellent marketing and product development team, he ensured a wide range of items for the new museum shop. Profit targets set for the year at the start of the project were exceeded within six months!


Products in his own community have been developed for a local business and these include mugs of differing designs and also a quirky metal wall sign using local place names. He also produced a successful calendar for the Gobbins Cliff Path in Islandmagee in 2016.


David specialises in contact with small businesses who can produce quality products at reasonable prices and for low minimum orders. This means no large and often unrealistic stock levels to get rid off, but quality products which sell. Where possible businesses within the British Isles are sourced which ensures direct contact with the supplier and prompt delivery.



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